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I'm just a simple guy living in no fairy tale world. I laugh, i cry, i get hurt and sometimes get stumble with my own ups and down...I may not be able to please everybody but atleast i know for myself that i'm just living my lfe the way i want it to be. No hype, no pretense..just me!

Thursday, January 22, 2009



No one ever has the right to judge you for who you are, for the mistakes you have made, for the craziness you have done, for the pain you have caused people. After all life without a mistake is a hoax. Just like them you are only human with lots of imperfection…

Everyday, each and every one of us are facing different constraints in dealing with ourselves, our job, our family and everything that will test our faith and put us into trouble. For every individual that has been created by God, some were born to be weak, some were born to be strong, some were born to discriminate and some were just born to destroy humanity. That’s what drives them to survive. The driving force that oftentimes misunderstood by the people, mistaken as a way of bragging our ego. These what makes people sucks who have been caged in a stereotypical attitude. What they see in you is your imperfection, for the little fault you made for them is a crime. The good things you have done seem to be unseen by them and be covered by our wrong doings in the past. But what is sucking more though is the fact that this is our nature. The nature of man and everything that is happening to us happens for a reason.

In conclusion, you are not obligated to please everybody. So what if they hated you? So what if they don’t like you at all? Love yourself more than anybody else can. Hate and dislike are just but a piece of idea that can be torn and vanish in time. So don’t let your life be driven by the people’s judgment. Just, as long as you do nothing wrong there’s nothing to be ashamed of and be guilty for. What matters is the fact that you are happy, that at the end of the day you were able to paint a smile in your face and feel fulfilled… This is me