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I'm just a simple guy living in no fairy tale world. I laugh, i cry, i get hurt and sometimes get stumble with my own ups and down...I may not be able to please everybody but atleast i know for myself that i'm just living my lfe the way i want it to be. No hype, no pretense..just me!

Friday, January 30, 2009

A Love Story

A love Story

Every story has an ending but in life every ending is just a new beginning…

Again, I found myself heading towards our secret place, the place where we uttered our promise of love. While walking I can’t help but wandered to the realm of the past…

I first met Xena when I landed on the job as a call center agent in one of the country’s prominent call center. Xena is the strong, affectionate and amusing type of woman. Her wittiness never fails to amuse everyone with her no corny jokes to her wittingly ideas, indeed, she’s the epitome of the word intelligent. Timid as I was, she used to unleashed the real me that well kept hidden for so long and later we found out that we had something in common. We both have the passion in music, mystery, horror movies and of course life. During break time, she invited me to accompany her for snacks, exchange some stories, and share some ideas and looking ahead for the future. Friendly as she was, I started to develop my feelings on her and everyday with her is like a heaven to me. Most of the time I invited her to go out and watched some movies, have dinner in a not so fancy restaurant and I guess she kind of notice that I have feelings for her.

One time, I asked her for a walk under a Narra tree nearby our house. When we get there I paused for a moment and try to catch up some words. Confused as she was, Xena remained calm waiting for my next word to say.

“I love you… I said. Uhhmm I’m sorry if you think I took advantage of our friendship but I couldn’t take this feeling anymore. The more I hide it, the more it gives me the urge to tell you. All my life I’ve been wondering if I could ever be love by you. I’m sorry to have me this soon to divulge what I really feel for you. I thought I could go on having you as my friend but I failed.

“Xena, I’m madly in love with you…please don’t get mad.

She uttered no words and caught my eyes, the unremitting look that almost made me drift away. Slowly she kissed me on the lips. I can’t help myself but hug her gently and slowly I held her hands. I stared at her hazel eyes, the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen in my life. It was so meaningful. With a teary eyes, she utter the words that I long to hear.

“I love you too Garrett. I never felt this for such a long time now.

I was the happiest man alive that moment but it wasn’t that long, the happiness I tend to believe it was be soon become grief.

One fine afternoon while we sat under the Narra tree (that we called it love nest), Xena was into these bunch of kids. There they were the dusty little children, wrecking havocs on the streets with their raucous laughter playing like beast. I stood up and looked for something to eat. I didn’t know that particular moment would be the time that could change both of our lives.

… A loud screech issued just from the corner then came a raging delivery truck that didn’t seem to care if it was going to rake the streets off of everything that was on it…and then, I didn’t know how it all happened but there was Xena , sprawled on the road about 20 meters away from me. I hurried up and snapped out of gaze to be on her side. She was still breathing when I held her to my arms.

“On my God… please! I can’t find the right words to say that moment. I was shaking.

“Xena, I’ll go and find for help…but she managed to grip my wrist to stop me from going.

“It won’t be that long Garrettt”…while she grasps for oxygen. Just don’t leave me.

“Xena c’mon, I need to call for help, I can’t let you die babe…I love you, cried as tears were drifting from my eyes.

“Listen Garrett, please don’t be mad with the little girl I saved… I ahh want to thank you for you never fail to make me feel love by you and if I die please go on with your life cause I want you to be happy and promise me that you will love again. Just remember, you are my happiness. I love you here and in the tears continue pouring like raindrops. I held her hands tightly and little by little her eyes slowly closing now.

“I love you, Xena, you can hear me, can’t you? She nodded as a sign that she was listening. In a glance, Xena stopped breathing. My world crumbled then…

My snore brought me back to reality. I found myself taking a deep breath to cast away the thought from the tragic past. After a couple seconds, I sighed… I guess it’s about time for me to move on. I know Xena doesn’t want to see me like this.

“Xena, my baby, wherever you are right now, you are the most wonderful thing ever happened in my life. I will never forget you, though fate has taken you away from me that soon but deep down my heart you’ll always be here for as long as I live… I love you baby… then a wind blows over my cheek as if somebody’s kissing me. As tears started to form on my eyes a long white feather fluttered from nowhere and landed on my shoulder.