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I'm just a simple guy living in no fairy tale world. I laugh, i cry, i get hurt and sometimes get stumble with my own ups and down...I may not be able to please everybody but atleast i know for myself that i'm just living my lfe the way i want it to be. No hype, no pretense..just me!

Friday, January 30, 2009

A Love Story

A love Story

Every story has an ending but in life every ending is just a new beginning…

Again, I found myself heading towards our secret place, the place where we uttered our promise of love. While walking I can’t help but wandered to the realm of the past…

I first met Xena when I landed on the job as a call center agent in one of the country’s prominent call center. Xena is the strong, affectionate and amusing type of woman. Her wittiness never fails to amuse everyone with her no corny jokes to her wittingly ideas, indeed, she’s the epitome of the word intelligent. Timid as I was, she used to unleashed the real me that well kept hidden for so long and later we found out that we had something in common. We both have the passion in music, mystery, horror movies and of course life. During break time, she invited me to accompany her for snacks, exchange some stories, and share some ideas and looking ahead for the future. Friendly as she was, I started to develop my feelings on her and everyday with her is like a heaven to me. Most of the time I invited her to go out and watched some movies, have dinner in a not so fancy restaurant and I guess she kind of notice that I have feelings for her.

One time, I asked her for a walk under a Narra tree nearby our house. When we get there I paused for a moment and try to catch up some words. Confused as she was, Xena remained calm waiting for my next word to say.

“I love you… I said. Uhhmm I’m sorry if you think I took advantage of our friendship but I couldn’t take this feeling anymore. The more I hide it, the more it gives me the urge to tell you. All my life I’ve been wondering if I could ever be love by you. I’m sorry to have me this soon to divulge what I really feel for you. I thought I could go on having you as my friend but I failed.

“Xena, I’m madly in love with you…please don’t get mad.

She uttered no words and caught my eyes, the unremitting look that almost made me drift away. Slowly she kissed me on the lips. I can’t help myself but hug her gently and slowly I held her hands. I stared at her hazel eyes, the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen in my life. It was so meaningful. With a teary eyes, she utter the words that I long to hear.

“I love you too Garrett. I never felt this for such a long time now.

I was the happiest man alive that moment but it wasn’t that long, the happiness I tend to believe it was be soon become grief.

One fine afternoon while we sat under the Narra tree (that we called it love nest), Xena was into these bunch of kids. There they were the dusty little children, wrecking havocs on the streets with their raucous laughter playing like beast. I stood up and looked for something to eat. I didn’t know that particular moment would be the time that could change both of our lives.

… A loud screech issued just from the corner then came a raging delivery truck that didn’t seem to care if it was going to rake the streets off of everything that was on it…and then, I didn’t know how it all happened but there was Xena , sprawled on the road about 20 meters away from me. I hurried up and snapped out of gaze to be on her side. She was still breathing when I held her to my arms.

“On my God… please! I can’t find the right words to say that moment. I was shaking.

“Xena, I’ll go and find for help…but she managed to grip my wrist to stop me from going.

“It won’t be that long Garrettt”…while she grasps for oxygen. Just don’t leave me.

“Xena c’mon, I need to call for help, I can’t let you die babe…I love you, cried as tears were drifting from my eyes.

“Listen Garrett, please don’t be mad with the little girl I saved… I ahh want to thank you for you never fail to make me feel love by you and if I die please go on with your life cause I want you to be happy and promise me that you will love again. Just remember, you are my happiness. I love you here and in the tears continue pouring like raindrops. I held her hands tightly and little by little her eyes slowly closing now.

“I love you, Xena, you can hear me, can’t you? She nodded as a sign that she was listening. In a glance, Xena stopped breathing. My world crumbled then…

My snore brought me back to reality. I found myself taking a deep breath to cast away the thought from the tragic past. After a couple seconds, I sighed… I guess it’s about time for me to move on. I know Xena doesn’t want to see me like this.

“Xena, my baby, wherever you are right now, you are the most wonderful thing ever happened in my life. I will never forget you, though fate has taken you away from me that soon but deep down my heart you’ll always be here for as long as I live… I love you baby… then a wind blows over my cheek as if somebody’s kissing me. As tears started to form on my eyes a long white feather fluttered from nowhere and landed on my shoulder.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Abu Sayyaf... misunderstood?

( I wrote this article not for anything but for us to weigh things over.)

Indeed, Abu Sayyaf created a name for themselves and became the world renowned terrorist in just a couple of years. For the conspicuous act they have caused not just our place but the entire world, who would have not known this group? their names are everywhere, from the different cover of news paper to the powerful coverage of media, they were famous. They first get thier publicity way back in the year 2000 when the news about Sipadan Hostages exploited and shocked the world for being abducted by the Abu Sayyaf. It has became the front page of almost all TV networks over the globe. Different speculation occurred to the point that Tausug has been generalize as terrorists and Sulu became the center of distraction. But the question though, are these people really bad at all?

I'm a native from this place. I worked as a teacher in one of the provinces in town. Within my almost five years of working far away from my home, I eliminated the word FEAR from my system and even before, I heard a lot of things about this group but I never gotten it into my head for there are reasons why everything exist and happen. The issues about kidnapping relating to Abu Sayyaf never left out of the scenario, instead, it has been escalated into another problem for over years now. But did anyone try to to figure out why these things continue to run over our lives?Government seem to forget that there are these places from the map that badly need their attention and Sulu was one of them. The way I saw it, poverty is the number one leading caused of all these that branches out into a lot of various constraint affecting almost everything, education, standard of living and the mankind itself. Think? why do these people continue to abduct innocent people? As much as they don't want to do the act at the back of their minds they leave no choice but to do it for it's the only way for them to survive. raise their family and get the things they ever wanted and we can't blame them. Though for us it was wrong but if only our government did something about it, this wont go that far. The scenario? opportunities were limited that maybe lead these people to do so

A year ago while having my break from my class a bunch of young people came over to me and extended some talking. To my surprise they turn out to be the members of the well known group Abu Sayyaf. My first reaction of course was shocked and I can feel my body freezing from the thought that these people might hurt me, but it didn't happen. Though you said sometimes that you should face your fear but when you are in a situation that can put your life to risk the thought of it seem to fade so fast and be replaced by another fear. That's exactly what I'm feeling while I'm on that particular moment but that fear later turn out to be pity. While we are having conversation I could barely see in their eyes the urge of wanting to get out from that dark shadow. What for? but instead, government were haunting them, people were discriminating them without looking at them just like our kind. So sad but true. After that conversation, I used to think that maybe they were just misunderstood and if we only open our eyes and try to see them deeper we will know who they really are.

In conclusion, lets not forget that these people were used to be just like us before they engage into this kind of wrong doings. So let's not view them as criminals instead treat them just our kind.

SULU...The Hidden Paradise

Sulu was known for being the land of the Abu Sayyaf (the world renowned terrorist) that leaves a bad image in the eyes of everyone throughout the world. But behind the negative impression about the place lies a secret paradise that has been undiscovered by some. It was in the midst of year 2000 when Sipadan hostages blurted in the face of everyone. It has became the talk of the century that escalate into different social issues involving the Abu Sayyaf group and made the said place famous. From then on Sulu was renamed as the "Home of the Terrorists" and impart a futile reputation that has been set by the critically minded people. For them it was a place that considered next to hell but for those who do not know this place, Sulu is actually the perfect definition of what you called paradise. It was a piece of Eden, a kingdom and a secret paradise here on earth.

White sand beaches, exotic fruits, beautiful historical landmarks, exquisite culture or so not to mention how hospitable people are. These are just but a few commentary facts about the place, not because I'm from here but because of the way i viewed it. In Philippine map Sulu located lower part of Mindanao consisting 18 municipalities with a colorful history attached to it. It maybe long forgotten and given not much attention by the government but it helps protect and preserve the youthful beauty 0f the place.

The white sand beach of Quezon beach that has the likes of Boracay in Aklan and the Waikiki beach of Hawaii. This beach has been one of the most enticing and adorable beaches in town for its sky blue silhouette by far. There's the falls of Tambuang known for its crystal clear water that can be found in Maimbung Sulu. The Subah Datu Beach Resort located in Annor Indanan Sulu that is quite a man made sculpture for its delightful landscape. Aside from having the most beautiful beaches, Sulu also wrapped with an extraordinary version of the word History. With the historical landmarks as manifestation, these became the contents of Tausug foklores and later transverse it into our own version of tell tales that now transferred from generation to generation. To name a few there is the Shrine of Sultan Rajah Baginda buried in Bud Datu, the Bay Puti (also known as the White House) in Poblacion Indanan Sulu that was errected during the American era and the Bud Dahu Massacre in Danag Patikul Sulu. But what makes this place worthy enough to live in is the fact that Sulu is rich in natural resources. The place itself tagged as the " Land of Exotic Fruits " which is indeed true with its variety of fruits that come in season. Last but not least is the glamorous cultures of us Tausug that is captivating to the eye. From the unique dresses being wore by our lovely ancestors to our native foods that only us has, down to how hospitable tausug can be. All these are just but a manifestation that Jolo, Sulu is quite a paradise here on earth.

Thursday, January 22, 2009



No one ever has the right to judge you for who you are, for the mistakes you have made, for the craziness you have done, for the pain you have caused people. After all life without a mistake is a hoax. Just like them you are only human with lots of imperfection…

Everyday, each and every one of us are facing different constraints in dealing with ourselves, our job, our family and everything that will test our faith and put us into trouble. For every individual that has been created by God, some were born to be weak, some were born to be strong, some were born to discriminate and some were just born to destroy humanity. That’s what drives them to survive. The driving force that oftentimes misunderstood by the people, mistaken as a way of bragging our ego. These what makes people sucks who have been caged in a stereotypical attitude. What they see in you is your imperfection, for the little fault you made for them is a crime. The good things you have done seem to be unseen by them and be covered by our wrong doings in the past. But what is sucking more though is the fact that this is our nature. The nature of man and everything that is happening to us happens for a reason.

In conclusion, you are not obligated to please everybody. So what if they hated you? So what if they don’t like you at all? Love yourself more than anybody else can. Hate and dislike are just but a piece of idea that can be torn and vanish in time. So don’t let your life be driven by the people’s judgment. Just, as long as you do nothing wrong there’s nothing to be ashamed of and be guilty for. What matters is the fact that you are happy, that at the end of the day you were able to paint a smile in your face and feel fulfilled… This is me