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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some Cutest Definition Of Love

Some Cutest Definition of Love

How To live A Longer Life?

How to live a longer life?

by: Kharib Bangahan Alawan

Way back then, I was enthralled by the idea of living forever maybe because for me immortality gives us the staying power to fully live our lives but then as we aged, we come to the point of pondering things over facts and reality. We can think about 6 million good reasons to live longer but that doesn't give us the guarantee to prolong our lives instead, a good positive outlook in life is much way better than that. One of mankind's greatest obsessions is the quest for eternal youth. For over years now they continue to figure out the ways on how to keep our body perpetually kicking, attesting to that is the Alexander The Great scouring the world for fountain of youth.

Now a days, though we have not yet found the secret to endless life, with the help of advance medical science we can now fight the good fight much longer than we could a century ago. And if we just start dealing with our cards right we might just get lucky to live long enough seeing a new day that come up with the magic ingredients that will help us live longer.

I trimmed down some useful tips base from my first hand experience which I find it effective in welcoming a positive outlook in life.

* Keep smiling. There is nothing much more difficult than being a teacher. This job requires your time, effort and even your analysis but inspite of how demanding this work might be I always find a way to smile. This shows a positive attitude that proven to lessen of having a heart problem than person with more negative attitude.

* Go and watch scary movie. I love horror movies that lead me to discover that getting involve with that kind of flicks or anything that can put your heart at rapid pace is like hitting your heart reset button which helps it keep on ticking.

* Rise and dine. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and research shows that men who ate breakfast everyday were 44 percent less likely to be overweight and 41 percent less like to develop insulin resistance, both risk factors for heart disease.

* Take a walk. Walking up to 4 thousand steps than riding on a vihicle has proven to lower your blood pressure that condition our heart from clogging.

* Get involve on a group. People who choose to be on their own have the higher risk of developing depressed, one cause of heart failure than people with a wide circle of friends.

* Get yourself a good book. While I was browsing the internet I accidentally click on the article showing the benifits of reading good book. According to it men who recited poetry for half an hour a day lowered their heart rates significantly reducing the stress level and possibly their heart disease.

* Go on sex.Yes, this is a no kidding issue. You might think that all that grunting, pumping and sweating would increase your risk of stroke. Think again?, men who have sex atleast twice a week less likely to have stroke than man who have sex less often.

* Have a scramble egg. I found out that egg is low in saturated fat and packed with betaine, a compound that helps lower homocysteine levels in the blood.

* Get yourself a degree. Having finished with a four year course or advance degrees are more likely away from depressal stage. Why? the benifit comes from moving up the earnings ladder.

* Rub yourself. Afterwork, I always give myself a massage which help me relieve from stress and reduce levels of inflammation triggering chemicals in the skin.

* Push yourself on exercise. This one's from harvard researchers found that men who percieved themselves to working out vigorously where 28 percent less likely to develop heart disease than guy who felt they were slacking.

In conclusion, it may amount to asking yourself whether it's worth it to enjoy better life, a longer life and a more attractive image. I leave it to you for now because we've got a tremendous change in mindset.