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Friday, May 8, 2009



After the sudden flow of sad memories from the past he found himself leaving the place, the place where i knew that there is always love, a place where i found real happiness... my lovely Xena, but then i have to move on and start with a brand new life...


Garret woke up from the noise being created by his alarm clock. It's 5:30 and it has been his daily routine to wake up that early for his job oblige him to do so. He is now the supervisor of one of the Top Call Centers in the country, with his high class performance that he had shown during the past years, no doubt that he landed on the position that soon. He goes straight to the bathroom and starts his shower.

Two years had past and now he is totally healed from pain caused by the sudden death of Xena, his Girlfriend. It was actually no jokes what he was goin through that two years, he mourned a lot and at night he just find himself sobbing but thru the help of his friends Garrett regained his strength and confidence again.

He stepped out from the bathroom and headed towards to his closet. A lot of things has change since the death of Xena, even his fashion sense. If before he wasn't more particular with what he was wearing, now he is way too cool from before. His change of image helps him to have the enigmatic charisma that no one can resist. He worked out a lot to have the kind of body he wanted. He could still barely remember his friends teasing him Payatot and that irritates him and gives him the courage to develop his body from payatot to a hot one.

After picking his clothes, Garret hurried up to the kitchen and have his breakfast. At exactly 7 sharp he leave the house and goes to work. He is required to work 12 hours a day but he never complain about his schedule after all, his hard worked has been paid when the big boss gave him the supervisor position...On his way to work he accidentally bump in to this lady.

ouchhhhh....the lady said. will you please look your way mr. you are giving me headache. look what you've done?

Garrett just look at the young lady trying to find some words to say.

What now?are you just goin to look at me like that?

a iii''''mmmmm so ooo ooorrry miss, I didn't mean to ruin your day . Is there anything I can do to pay the damage i have caused you?

Is that it? Is that all you are goin to say? ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr...Get lost bastard. and the lady started to walk away.

Garrett followed her with a look until she dissappear from his sight. whoaaa she was so damn beautiful! he looked up his watch..holy shit i am late for work.

He can't seem to concentrate with his work, the lady that he met this morning keep coming back to his head...her angelic face keep flashing thru his head while they were having that moment. His lfow of thoughts interrupted when his friend Sean bumped into him.

Hey dude what's up with you right there? Sean Started.We are planning to go out tonight i'd suggest that it would be better if you could come and spend some time with the group. C'mon give yourself a fucking break bro.

He just laugh at it. I have some crumping to rush but i'd still try to make it there later. don't worry.

Don't try instead do it...c'mon workaholic dude. I'll introduce you to my cousin i'm sure you'll definitely like her.

ok ok u kick your ass right there and see you later. Sean walk out from his sight and he continue with what he is doing. After work he finally decided to join the group with thier usual routine though lately due to his promotion he seldom go out with his buddies.

On a far sight before he gets closer to his friends he was freeze for a moment when he saw the woman that he had argued with this morning..What is she doing here? Garrett asked himself. He close his eyes and open it again to see if he is not dreaming. When he is about to walk out Mark saw him.

Hey Garrett where you goin? come join us we got something for you, I mean we got someone right here to introduce to you. Mark Said it with a little smile on his face.

He walked towards the group silently...hey Dude I'd like you to meet my cousin Michelle. Sean Uttered

Michelle this our friend Garrett at the same time our boss.

Garrett, my cousin Michelle. He just look at the woman's face without saying anything. After a couple of seconds when he finally comes back to his normal state of mind he offered a shake hand to her.

I'm glad to finally meet you Michelle.. But Michelle ignore his hand.

So you are Garrett? the Chauvinist pig, silly old rat bastard.

Hey spare me the insult...Look, I am really sorry for what had happen this morning. It wasn't intentional. We were both in a rush.

Are you two know each other? Sean Aasked?

Absolutely yes cousin, He was the one i'm telling you awhile ago. But no worries now he seem too sincere with his apology and it's accepted.

Since that night Garrett and Michele became so close. There were even times that they would go out and watched movies or have dinner in a fancy resataurant and sometimes Michelle would invite Garrett to go to her condo and cooked for his favorite foods but they never talk about thier feelings. All they know is their happy when their together and when their away they tend to miss each other.

One late afternoon when Garrett visited Michelle he tried to open up about his feeling towards her but he doesn't know where to start.

Hey, is there something bothering you?Michele asked

uhhmmmmm listen Michele, I love you but i am afraid... What if I lose you again? What if i am not the right guy for you, What if...

Ssssshhhhhhhhhh...stop it. You know what? loving someone doesn't give you the guarantee that you won't get hurt, How will you know real love when you can't experince how to be broken? how will you know that you are not the right one for me if you will not trust your instinct?Garrett, I am not expecting anything from you. You alone is already enough for me to live my life and if ever time comes that we won't be together i won't get mad maybe then that's our fate and you can't question it.

Garret held her tight in his arm and slowly kiss Michele's lips. Enough for them to know that they had each other to combat the odds that might come thier way.

I love you Garrett.. I won't get tired of saying that to you.

I love you too Michelle.

...and just after a couple of months Garret and Michele finally tied the knots and lived happily ever after.



On the wings of breeze,as waves come flying
To restless shore,which awaits anxiously
For watery joys, the shore plays
Hankering heart's lute,as a bliss prevails

Compelling souls to take birth,and bees, to hum
The sweet melody,in the eager ears of birds
...(flying above the shore)
As they keep waiting,for music,to come
And,to dance in delight,the clouds seem burdened

Sky is gloom with overcast,and a blissful rain
Cascades from heaven to earth,a hush comes
Upon birds,their long wait,is ending in vain
As they long for sun,to wake up,and rescue them from deluge
....(they wanted to hear the magical music)

The drops on the shore,have long,fallen asleep
...(drops of water of waves,asleep meaning here dried up)
As the waves,had abandoned,the shore,for their
Sea is storm ridden;As clouds thunder and weep
Silent shore sighs,as his fanciful dream dies

And,I, on the beach,a witness,my eyes couldn't
...(witness to the meeting of shore and waves)
Conceal the serendipity,of the scented hour
Smiling to myself,my thoughts are transported
To some dizzy heights,my physical form,left the place..

The Last Goodbye

The last Goodbye

5:57 pm

I'm deeply sorry if i really caused you trouble. God knows how much i wanted to be with you and for the little time we've shared together you gain a space in my heart. What i found in you is incomparable and for as long as i live I'll treasure that in my heart, mind and soul and let it live with me...Just remember that you mean so much to me. Never think that i didn't care about you at all because truth is I love you but let us accept the fact that we can't be together for now. only time can tell what the future hold for us and if ever I'd be given the the chance to choose the person i wanna be with it's you that i will choose..take care and goodbye.

He can't help but cry as tears fall down on his face. He kept reading the text message over and over again and make himself believe that it isn't true. Mark world's seem to crumple that particular moment, he wanted to scream and shout for the pain he is feeling. Days, weeks, months had past but still he's still not yet recover from the pain. He party a lot and socialize just to forget everything. he seem devastated with his life. At home he find himself just in his room watching movies and not minding what is happening around.

My God Mark, what are you doing with your life? his friend said.. losing someone you love doesn't mean losing what you have started. You have your life even before you met that person so don't be such a fool to act like that. there's reason why this thing happened to you maybe then this is God's way of making you two realize what's best for both of you and if you are really meant for each other destiny will find a way to reunite you again so go on with your life and just be happy. I'm sure that person also feels what you are feeling right now but then both of you can't do anything about it because you are caught in this twisted fate...

He gazed at his friend's eyes but no words had come out from his mouth instead a sudden tears comes crushing down. His friend hug him so tight.. don't worry Mark everything will be OK in time. just cry on my shoulder all the pain and promise me that this will be the last time I'll see you crying.

Promise Mae... Thank you for always being there for me.

You know you are always welcome Mark. So get up and have fun..Mae said

Mark stood up and gave his friend Mae a kiss on the cheeks... Thank you