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Monday, March 9, 2009

How to buy a Summer Wardrobe

Step1. Sift through your kids' closets to find items that they can still wear in summer before you buy anything new. For example, short-sleeved and polo shirts that you considered more "dressy" last fall can probably be downgraded to become play clothes this summer. You can also turn long-sleeved shirts into tank tops and pants into shorts with simple alterations.

Step2. Round out their wardrobe with shorts, tanks, t-shirts and swimsuits that coordinate with the existing items. Because tanks and shirts don't have to fit perfectly to look good, consider buying them in a larger size so your kids will also be able to wear them next fall or summer.

Step3 Buy each child one dressy outfit in case you're invited to a summer party or a formal event like a wedding or graduation. Browse through outlet stores or consignment shops to find bargains. Also look at discount stores that feature designer "irregulars" with only minor imperfections.

Step4. Add a few pairs of shoes for summer since your kids may have outgrown the shoes from their school wardrobe. Consider a pair of tennis shoes for walking on vacations, flip-flops for the pool and a pair of nice sandals that they can wear with shorts and dresses or slacks.

Step5. Stock up on next year's summer clothing as this summer comes to an end. Take advantage of deep discounts to buy several t-shirts, shorts and tank tops in classic colors and styles. If your kids are fashion conscious, however, steer clear of trendy patterns, cuts and lengths that they'll reject a year from now.