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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Abu Sayyaf... misunderstood?

( I wrote this article not for anything but for us to weigh things over.)

Indeed, Abu Sayyaf created a name for themselves and became the world renowned terrorist in just a couple of years. For the conspicuous act they have caused not just our place but the entire world, who would have not known this group? their names are everywhere, from the different cover of news paper to the powerful coverage of media, they were famous. They first get thier publicity way back in the year 2000 when the news about Sipadan Hostages exploited and shocked the world for being abducted by the Abu Sayyaf. It has became the front page of almost all TV networks over the globe. Different speculation occurred to the point that Tausug has been generalize as terrorists and Sulu became the center of distraction. But the question though, are these people really bad at all?

I'm a native from this place. I worked as a teacher in one of the provinces in town. Within my almost five years of working far away from my home, I eliminated the word FEAR from my system and even before, I heard a lot of things about this group but I never gotten it into my head for there are reasons why everything exist and happen. The issues about kidnapping relating to Abu Sayyaf never left out of the scenario, instead, it has been escalated into another problem for over years now. But did anyone try to to figure out why these things continue to run over our lives?Government seem to forget that there are these places from the map that badly need their attention and Sulu was one of them. The way I saw it, poverty is the number one leading caused of all these that branches out into a lot of various constraint affecting almost everything, education, standard of living and the mankind itself. Think? why do these people continue to abduct innocent people? As much as they don't want to do the act at the back of their minds they leave no choice but to do it for it's the only way for them to survive. raise their family and get the things they ever wanted and we can't blame them. Though for us it was wrong but if only our government did something about it, this wont go that far. The scenario? opportunities were limited that maybe lead these people to do so

A year ago while having my break from my class a bunch of young people came over to me and extended some talking. To my surprise they turn out to be the members of the well known group Abu Sayyaf. My first reaction of course was shocked and I can feel my body freezing from the thought that these people might hurt me, but it didn't happen. Though you said sometimes that you should face your fear but when you are in a situation that can put your life to risk the thought of it seem to fade so fast and be replaced by another fear. That's exactly what I'm feeling while I'm on that particular moment but that fear later turn out to be pity. While we are having conversation I could barely see in their eyes the urge of wanting to get out from that dark shadow. What for? but instead, government were haunting them, people were discriminating them without looking at them just like our kind. So sad but true. After that conversation, I used to think that maybe they were just misunderstood and if we only open our eyes and try to see them deeper we will know who they really are.

In conclusion, lets not forget that these people were used to be just like us before they engage into this kind of wrong doings. So let's not view them as criminals instead treat them just our kind.