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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Best and Worst of the Oscars

Best & Worst of the Oscars: Hugh Jackmania!


Host Hugh Jackman

Oh, man, did you see that moment when that guy did that thing? Read on and get the full story of Oscar's best, worst and otherest.

Best Performance: Even with the slightly forced "recession Oscars" conceit, host Hugh Jackman delivered a completely winning song and dance to open the show that totally made us forget they didn't hire a comedian. Showing off both talent and a sly sense of humor, Jackman nailed it.

Best Lyric From the Opening Song: "I would swim a sea of human excrement." -- Jackman crooning sweet(?)ly to Kate Winslet

Worst Transition: From the goofily good opener—the techno Reader representation was more entertaining than the movie—the show bogged down with that somber bunch of Best Supporting Actresses intoning like they were going to banish the winner to the Forbidden Zone with General Zod.

Best Brangelina Quip: Jackman drew our attention to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie before saying, "I don't actually have a joke for them, I'm just contractually required to mention them five times during the show." (Not bad; it's 25 times for us.)

Best Present: Copresenters Steve Martin and Tina Fey, who've been funny together on TV and film, delivered a hilarious tribute to writers that made us want to see them make another movie together. Or, you know, read something.

Best Reaction: Jolie looking totally charmed by her Kung Fu Panda costar Jack Black, who was onstage presenting with that actress from Friends.

Best Twilight Crossover: Rob Pattinson brought that undead charm of his to the Oscars, where it was familiar to Twihards and everyone who's ever had lunch with a Hollywood agent.

Best On-Air Design: Whoever thought to put Daniel Craig and Sarah Jessica Parker on stage together.

Best Reaction: Seth Rogen and James Franco's half-baked response to the comedies of 2008. Dude, cinematographer Jadocs Kaminsky was so high!

Joke Least Likely to Reach the Billion People Around the World: Ben Stiller's crazy, bearded Joaquin Phoenix impersonation was funny, but a little inside considering how few people recognize Stiller anyway.

Assault With a Medley Weapon: The top-hat-and-tails number with Beyoncé, Zac Efron and the rest totally summed up the year in movies. And that year was 1936.

Most Likely to Spawn a "Who's in Your Five?" Commercial: The Best Supporting actor nomination five-way was like a presidential debate without all the humor.

Most Heartbreaking: Heath Ledger's family accepting his award.

Biggest Showstopper: Wirewalker Philippe Petit, the absolutely entertaining subject of documentary Man on Wire, balancing an Oscar on his chin while a billion people watched and wondered if it would fall. But for a man who once spent 45 minutes walking between the Twin Towers, well, that's probably no big deal.

Best Commercial: Coming in just ahead of the one for the website that helps you earn $5K a month working at home, the Tom Cruise-Jimmy Kimmel bit was funny like a house on fire.

Best Make-Good Decision: The loud and fast medley crammed full of action and comic book movies, because let's be honest: These were the best things that Hollywood had to offer last year, and The Dark Knight (not to mention Iron Man) got robbed. Take that, Reader.

Worst Make-Good Decision: After that whole medley thing, the movie about the wrinkly old baby beat Dark Knight and Iron Man. Obviously, there is no justice…except that meted out by costumed heroes.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Life Through Me

A Life Through Me

It was in the dawn of October 20 1984 when a baby boy bound to set his footstep into this world and at exactly 5:45 and 32 seconds, he was labored. The boy brought a million of joy to everyone especially his parents for having their first child and they couldn't just conceal the feelings of fulfillment while looking at the newly born baby. The baby on the other hand is as joyful as everyone, he may couldn't talk like adults but you could barely see behind his hazel eyes the trace of overwhelming feeling. He was angel to his family with his little tiny hands and a complexion that shines everytime it was being touched by the light down to his healthy good looking aura that insinuate a million possibility. indeed, He has his own version of the word charisma.

Although being raised by a not so wealthy family, he never felt like being left out of latest toys, just like the other kids of his age he used to have a colorful yet memorable childhood days. being their first everything his lola would carry him around wherever she goes, on vacation for instance, family gathering and she even gave him the happiest first birthday ever. Later on the life of our young boy he started his elementary years. He may not be the kind of smart kid but he did well in their class, in fact during his first year in school he landed on the second honor position. But the boy has his own naughty side too. As he grows older he discovered a lot of things that made his attention diverted into it. There was even time that he would steal 5 peso coin from his mom's pocket and the funniest part was when one time he asked his mother for a 10 peso bill but his mom never gave him that so what he did he eyed his mother big bracelet and tried pawning it. At the pawnshop he handed his mother bracelet and pawn for 200 peso. The owner looked at him with a smile but he just gave him a shrugged then after a few seconds the man handed him back the bracelet that he tooked from his mom with handful of big laughs. It turns out that the bracelet was purely not real but i t was surely worth it cause he learned something from that experienced and he used to enjoy his early years so well.

High school turn out to be his difficult years though at first it went out good but later on, his dad's small business sank and it was so hard for his family to take it and from then his battle has started. he took a lot of sacrifices he had to cut his expenses short to compensate his needs at school. What a twist of fate his dad had no choice but accept the offer at the army academy that gives the boy the urge to pursue his studies well. At college though he wanted to be a broadcaster but he has to give up his ambition for his family's financial status. He ended up taking the Education course and after 4 years of struggle atlast he has the tittle. A certified licensed teacher and landed to the teaching world. And who may you ask this guy? it turns out to be ME!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Carpenter

The Carpenter
by: Lupahsug

A highly skilled carpenter who had grown old was ready to retire. He told his employer-contractor of his plans to leave the house building business and live a more leisurely life with his family. He would miss the paycheck, but he needed to retire.The employer was sorry to see his good worker go and asked if he could build just one more house as a personal favor. The carpenter agreed to this proposal but made sure that this will be his last project. Being in a mood to retire, the carpenter was not paying much attention to building this house. His heart was not in his work. He resorted to poor workmanship and used inferior materials. It was an unfortunate way to end his career.When the job was done, the carpenter called his employer and showed him the house. The employer handed over some papers and the front door key to the carpenter and said "This is your house, my gift to you."The carpenter was in a shock! What a shame! If he had only known that he was building his own house, he would have made it better than any other house that he ever built!Our situation can be compared to this carpenter. God has sent us to this world to build our homes in paradise by obeying His commands. Now, we have to decide how well we wish to build the homes where we will live forever.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentines Present

Valentines Gifts

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Valentine gift cards also make the purpose of gifting much easier. Actually, love is beautiful and everything involved with it is considered to be beautiful. The gifts and the flowers are also understood to be beauty personified.

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Happy Heart's Day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some Cutest Definition Of Love

Some Cutest Definition of Love

How To live A Longer Life?

How to live a longer life?

by: Kharib Bangahan Alawan

Way back then, I was enthralled by the idea of living forever maybe because for me immortality gives us the staying power to fully live our lives but then as we aged, we come to the point of pondering things over facts and reality. We can think about 6 million good reasons to live longer but that doesn't give us the guarantee to prolong our lives instead, a good positive outlook in life is much way better than that. One of mankind's greatest obsessions is the quest for eternal youth. For over years now they continue to figure out the ways on how to keep our body perpetually kicking, attesting to that is the Alexander The Great scouring the world for fountain of youth.

Now a days, though we have not yet found the secret to endless life, with the help of advance medical science we can now fight the good fight much longer than we could a century ago. And if we just start dealing with our cards right we might just get lucky to live long enough seeing a new day that come up with the magic ingredients that will help us live longer.

I trimmed down some useful tips base from my first hand experience which I find it effective in welcoming a positive outlook in life.

* Keep smiling. There is nothing much more difficult than being a teacher. This job requires your time, effort and even your analysis but inspite of how demanding this work might be I always find a way to smile. This shows a positive attitude that proven to lessen of having a heart problem than person with more negative attitude.

* Go and watch scary movie. I love horror movies that lead me to discover that getting involve with that kind of flicks or anything that can put your heart at rapid pace is like hitting your heart reset button which helps it keep on ticking.

* Rise and dine. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and research shows that men who ate breakfast everyday were 44 percent less likely to be overweight and 41 percent less like to develop insulin resistance, both risk factors for heart disease.

* Take a walk. Walking up to 4 thousand steps than riding on a vihicle has proven to lower your blood pressure that condition our heart from clogging.

* Get involve on a group. People who choose to be on their own have the higher risk of developing depressed, one cause of heart failure than people with a wide circle of friends.

* Get yourself a good book. While I was browsing the internet I accidentally click on the article showing the benifits of reading good book. According to it men who recited poetry for half an hour a day lowered their heart rates significantly reducing the stress level and possibly their heart disease.

* Go on sex.Yes, this is a no kidding issue. You might think that all that grunting, pumping and sweating would increase your risk of stroke. Think again?, men who have sex atleast twice a week less likely to have stroke than man who have sex less often.

* Have a scramble egg. I found out that egg is low in saturated fat and packed with betaine, a compound that helps lower homocysteine levels in the blood.

* Get yourself a degree. Having finished with a four year course or advance degrees are more likely away from depressal stage. Why? the benifit comes from moving up the earnings ladder.

* Rub yourself. Afterwork, I always give myself a massage which help me relieve from stress and reduce levels of inflammation triggering chemicals in the skin.

* Push yourself on exercise. This one's from harvard researchers found that men who percieved themselves to working out vigorously where 28 percent less likely to develop heart disease than guy who felt they were slacking.

In conclusion, it may amount to asking yourself whether it's worth it to enjoy better life, a longer life and a more attractive image. I leave it to you for now because we've got a tremendous change in mindset.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


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