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I'm just a simple guy living in no fairy tale world. I laugh, i cry, i get hurt and sometimes get stumble with my own ups and down...I may not be able to please everybody but atleast i know for myself that i'm just living my lfe the way i want it to be. No hype, no pretense..just me!

Friday, May 8, 2009



On the wings of breeze,as waves come flying
To restless shore,which awaits anxiously
For watery joys, the shore plays
Hankering heart's lute,as a bliss prevails

Compelling souls to take birth,and bees, to hum
The sweet melody,in the eager ears of birds
...(flying above the shore)
As they keep waiting,for music,to come
And,to dance in delight,the clouds seem burdened

Sky is gloom with overcast,and a blissful rain
Cascades from heaven to earth,a hush comes
Upon birds,their long wait,is ending in vain
As they long for sun,to wake up,and rescue them from deluge
....(they wanted to hear the magical music)

The drops on the shore,have long,fallen asleep
...(drops of water of waves,asleep meaning here dried up)
As the waves,had abandoned,the shore,for their
Sea is storm ridden;As clouds thunder and weep
Silent shore sighs,as his fanciful dream dies

And,I, on the beach,a witness,my eyes couldn't
...(witness to the meeting of shore and waves)
Conceal the serendipity,of the scented hour
Smiling to myself,my thoughts are transported
To some dizzy heights,my physical form,left the place..