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I'm just a simple guy living in no fairy tale world. I laugh, i cry, i get hurt and sometimes get stumble with my own ups and down...I may not be able to please everybody but atleast i know for myself that i'm just living my lfe the way i want it to be. No hype, no pretense..just me!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What does my birthday mean?

What Does my Birthday Mean?
( Octber 20 ...)

You are prudent, circumspect and take things seriously. Before you make any move, you will think of a few alternatives that might take a while. You are patient, imaginative and target oriented. You value friendship more than anything else. Your Love, You usually study your partner carefully before making any move. You never demand anything beyond the natural quality of that person. Your sincerity doesn't bring excitement in your love life but it brings deeply grown relationship.


janice_phil said...

Wow!!! You value friendship more than anything else. I love this part big time..i hope our friendship will last a lifetime no matter where we are and no matter where we will be...your friendship means so much to me...thanx for being my friend are so nice and a great open minded u...

Reader Wil said...

Thanks for your visit!