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I'm just a simple guy living in no fairy tale world. I laugh, i cry, i get hurt and sometimes get stumble with my own ups and down...I may not be able to please everybody but atleast i know for myself that i'm just living my lfe the way i want it to be. No hype, no pretense..just me!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pamper Yourself

Pamper Yourself

Going to work tomorrow and still feel tired? Well...boost yourself! Try this...

Lavender Spritzer

Distilled Water
Lavender Aqua (essential oil)

Mix a drop or two oflavender aqua (or essential oil) in a bottle of distilled water. Store in refrigerator and spray on face and body for a refreshing and soothing lift.

Use this refreshing spritzer anytime you need a soothing boost.

My Cyber Kind of Love

My Cyber Kind Of LOve

I wanted to believed that there is always a happy ending for everything but as i aged i came to realize that not all things in this universe are meant to be...maybe in our imagination because that's what we want to believe after all the happy ending that i knew was the one i read in books...

My boss assigned me to prepare the matrix plan for our incoming seminar and as one of his side kicks i oblige to do so. unluckily, i don't have my own personal laptop so i needed to go over the internet cafe to do the research about the topic and so while i was browsing i opened one of my accounts and leave it on. In the middle of my work i got buzz by this person and as i sign of respect i replied and to my surprise we became friends that instant. We get a long well and exchange phone numbers, unfortunately, the person is already committed but that didn't keep us away from communicating. For almost about 2 weeks of exchanging messages and calls i must i say i was developed to this person, though we are million miles away from each other i am always vocal about my feelings and so that person too on me. Until one day we just suddenly lost track of communication. I am hesitant to contact that person for i am afraid to be rejected knowing that the person is already committed or maybe that person realized that no matter how hard we try still we can't be together ..and i am starting to feel the pain.

For that person who will always have a special place in my heart..thank you very much for the happiness I've felt in a short moment we've shared i know one day our path will cross again and i just wanna let u know that I'll always be here waiting even if it takes forever...